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If you have ever thought about how to write a Will or other legal documents, you will realise how daunting it can be sitting in the solicitor’s oak panelled office giving your instructions whilst at the same time knowing you have a half hour appointment in which to do it all.

Very often the solicitor will deal exclusively with the matter at hand – your Will and not take time to discuss other related estate planning issues with you EMP Solutions Will Writers offer a personal home visit to each of our clients by a professional estate planning practitioner.

We take time to discuss a wide range of issues associated with estate planning in order to help you, our clients, write a Will tailor made to suit your needs both today and for the rest of your life.

E.M.P. Solutions is a well-established specialist Will Writing and estate planning and we have a strong representation throughout the UK offering a professional and personal service to our clients. E.M.P. Solutions are fully fledged members of the Society of Will Writers and comply with their code of conduct. All of us understand the importance of Writing your Will and your Last Will and Testament will be the sole document that represents you. No other document is as powerful as your Last Will and Testament an instruction from you giving details on who executes your Last Will & Testament and to whom your assets are bequeathed. Since you will not be there to clarify your wishes and how they are distributed, it is important to ensure that your Will is easily understood and clear.

Call us now on 01325 324515. The absence of a Will causes many problems for your family and friends – at the worst possible time. It often creates financial hardship and sometimes the loss of money to your dependants who need it most.

Over 60% of adults in England and Wales do not have a valid Will – including around one million people aged over 65.

Here are the reasons why you need to make a will


Appoint people to deal with your estate (your Executors) reducing the risk of family arguments


Ensure you have peace of mind knowing that your wishes are known and will be carried out


Appoint guardians to look after young children


Ensure your children, stepchildren and grandchildren inherit


Leave a gift, family heirloom or memento to family members and loved ones


Tax planning to reduce or even eliminate Inheritance Tax


Prevent your home being sold to pay for Nursing Home Fees (contact for further details)


Ensure a disabled family member receives an income from your estate without it being used to pay for their care fees


Provide for a partner, parent or child that lives in your property and allow them to continue living there after your death


Provision for your business to the people you choose


Funeral requests are followed


Charitable Donations


Making the process of probate easier for your family at a stressful and upsetting time.

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