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Inheritance Tax (IHT), a daunting pair of words for most people and often accompanied by worries of it being complicated or a way for people to

Co Ownership

How do you own your property? And why does it matter when you die? When you buy a home, often you are buying it with someone,


      Care fees assessment and how a home can be protected from care fees and whether it counts towards the means test carried

What Happens to your children

A guide to appointing guardians in your will. There is a general conception that Wills are for the elderly and those in ill-health, but life is uncertain

Secure Website

Secure Website We operate a secure website so that our clients and visitors in general can browse the site and use our online will writing

Modernising Succession

From the SWW College of Will Writing Modernising Succession: Law Commission Consultation Last month (13th July 2017) the Law Commission launched a consultation paper to



Statutory Wills

Statutory Wills 19th October 2022The Society of Will Writers0 Background It is a commonly known fact amongst lawyers and will writers that only about a

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